Presentation Van Olst Sales hearts of dressage lovers beat faster

DEN HOUT – The Van Olst Sales presentation took place last night. The auction horses were presented ridden. Although some young horses were sometimes impressed by the entourage, they showed themselves really well. What was striking was the unprecedented quality of the young dressage talents and the amount of approved stallions. There are no fewer than seven, including the 2016 KWPN approved stallion Inverness.

Gertjan van Olst about the evening: “We notice that more customers come to the presentation every year. We are of course happy with that. Also tonight it was busy and everyone kept watching carefully until the end. Great!” The collection has many modern sport horses from proven strains. The presentation started at 7:30 PM and ended three hours later.

The evening was opened by the more experienced horses Crosby and Denzel Washington. They were presented by Franka Loos and Benjamin Maljaars respectively. Other stable riders from that acte attended were Charlotte Fry, Juan Rodriguez and Joanna Riyberg. After a short introduction by Bert de Ruiter, Gertjan van Olst commented on all horses and provided all those present with background information. Because almost all horses come from their own rearing or breeding, there is a lot of knowledge about the horses.

The evening offered potential buyers a lot of hope for the future. Who will soon be allowed to take which horse home will be seen tomorrow. The extra presentation starts at 3 p.m., followed by the auction that will start at 7:30 p.m.

For X-rays and veterinary advice, interested parties can contact the sales office via or +31 (0) 162 429 360.