Van Olst Sales donates proceeds of first auction item to Brooke Hospital

A good cause is selected every year by Van Van Olst Sales. This year too, an incredibly beautiful goal has been chosen.

This year’s donation will be donated to the Brooke Hospital, because unfortunately not all horses have the luxury of a good life. Before the more than 30 ridden dressage horses will be auctioned, a coverage of Glamourdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro) will be sold as the first auction item. The FEI world champion seven-year-olds is working hard on the road and his offspring are also performing great. The entire proceeds from this first auction item will be donated to Brooke Hospital.

Brooke Hospital In several countries including Egypt and India, horses, donkeys and mules are used as work objects for the very poorest. The circumstances are extremely poor due to lack of knowledge and poverty. The Brooke Hospital for Animals Netherlands Foundation brings these situations to light in the Netherlands. By providing information to the local residents and free medical assistance from local veterinarians, the foundation tries to improve the welfare of the animals. More than 160,000 animals have been helped, but this is only a small part. To continue this work, donors are more than welcome.

Next Friday there will be a presentation at 3 p.m.
The auction will start later in the day, at 7:30 PM.

A lot of interest in Van Olst Sales presentation

DEN HOUT – Tonight the horse company of Gertjan and Anne van Olst was the setting for the presentation of the auction collection of the Van Olst Sales. The 34 talented ridden dressage horses, mostly from their own stallions, were presented under the man. A large number of people from home and abroad traveled to Den Hout to view the auction horses with their own eyes.

Gertjan about the evening: “I am really proud of what we have achieved as a team. Not just tonight, but since we started training this collection. The horses showed themselves well. That is nice to see since most of them have not been under the saddle for that long and the entourage was impressive. ”

The high-quality horses also attracted many foreign interested parties to the presentation evening. The owner of Van Olst Horses says about this: “It gives great confidence that our foreign customers were also present this evening. You see that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a good young dressage horse. An auction like this is ideal. There will be a presentation on Friday. In the evening we will see how interested people are. That is exciting every year. ”

Second presentation: Friday, April 19 – 3 p.m.

Auction: Friday, April 19 – 7:30 PM

Wednesday April 17 first presentation Van Olst Sales

Wednesday April 17 the first presentation of the auction collection Van Olst Sales edition 2019 will take place in Den Hout.
The presentation starts at 7.30 p.m.

Van Olst Sales will show you the high-quality collection 2019. A large part of the collection will be presented under saddle, but a few genetically very interesting mares will also be shown.
Of course, our wildcard Fürst Romantico is also included in this presentation.

On Friday, April 19, a presentation will also take place at 3 p.m. before the start of the auction.
The auction starts on Friday evening at 7.30 pm!

Van Olst Sales-mares score well during IBOP

TURNHOUT – Last weekend Van Olst Horses traveled to Turnhout, Belgium with eight mares. Here the mares were subjected to the KWPN IBOP test. The mares, all of which are part of next week’s auction collection, have passed the test. These predominantly 3-year-old mares were all declared ‘ste’ with great points last March and can now also add a sufficient IBOP test.

These three-year-old mares presented themselves well by our riders Franka Loos and Benjamin Maljaars. Future owners are already very close to an elite / keur mare which is a good start for breeding. These mares are also all WFFS-free.

The Van Olst Sales will take place on Friday 19 April. More than 30 young are auctioned during this auction. To make the collection even more interesting, Gertjan van Olst has decided to let these mares, including one of their own breeding products, participate in the IBOP test.

‘Voorlopig keur’ mares
During the IBOP test, the mares are assessed for components such as attitude and rideability. “Many customers who purchase a young mare eventually want to run an IBOP test but find it difficult to arrange. For this reason we want to offer mares at the auction that have already passed the IBOP test and are therefore “voorlopig keur'”, says Gertjan van Olst.

Glamourdale daughters
An outlier during the IBOP test was the Glamourdale daughter Linda S. With a total of 80.5 points and several 8s for, among other things, her walk and trot and an 8.5 for the canter, the dark brown mare is flagged and penned by the IBOP test come. In combination with the interesting bloodline and great rideability, this young talent is also very interesting for breeding and sport.

  • Leaulanda I.K. (Glamourdale x Welt Hit II x Zeoliet) – 76 points
    • Breeder; I. Kruts, Ter Aar
  • Linda S (Glamourdale x Don Renoir x Brentano II) – 80.5 points
    • Breeder; J. Strous, Hunsel
  • Lady Rose (Glamourdale x Monaco x Sultan) – 75 points
    • Breeder; Van Olst Horses. Den Hout
  • Leya-Danka T (Lord Leatherdale x Kennedy x Bustron) – 75.5 points
    • Breeder; W. Timmers, Volkel
  • Lost Gem (George Clooney x Riverman x Gershwin) – 76.5 points
    • Breeder; H. van de Boogaard, Aarle Rixtel
  • Lilly LH (Glamourdale x Don Frederico x Walker) – 76.5 points
    • Breeder; R. Lickley, Wolverhampton
  • Laida (Everdale x Ferro x G.Ramiro Z) – 76.5 points
    • Breeder; M. Streppel, Lemelerveld
  • Lieke S (Lord Leatherdale x Negro x Jeraldo) – 75 points
    • Breeder; J. Strous, Hunsel

Do you want to see the scores of these and all other mares? Click here.

Photo: Laida (Everdale x Ferro x G.Ramiro Z)